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Bloody Destiny (2015)



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Release Date : 20 June 2015
Genre : Action, Romance
Stars : Gu Shangwei , Choi Yoon-So , Du Haitao

Sypnosis :
Lofty (Gu Shang Wei ornaments) grew up being trafficked, and was trained as a black boxer, salsa (Choi Yun Su ornaments) parents when they were sold to a small underground brothel. Childhood lofty, in a chaos rescued salsa, and lofty in turn was the eldest child (Bryan Leung ornaments) recaptured. Excellent boxing make lofty again from the underground ring fortunately survived. Years later, lofty and salsa meet again and fall in love, they decided together to escape the dark, over the dull, life of a recluse. But the good, lofty brain was found seriously injured in hospital, a limited life. So he and brother small sea (Du Haitao ornaments) discussed and decided to go to Thailand without telling salsa boxing tournament to earn enough money so that her life worries. On the other hand, lofty and salsa whereabouts or was the eldest child discovered salsa kidnapped, was forced to return to the lofty underground ring, crisis fate once again face the outbreak of boxing

Bloody Destiny (2015)

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